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HMCRP HM-07 Pilot Test

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General Comments:

Because this is a pilot test, we welcome any comments you have concerning the format or information collected in the text box below. Comments concerning individual tabs can also be provided at the bottom of the page.

Pilot Test

Bulk Package Type:

Cargo Tank
Portable Tank

1. Please don't leave this page or refresh your browser prior to submitting your information. Doing so will cause the information entered to be lost. When you have completed the form, the submit button can be found on the "Accident Information" tab.

2. Please start by identifying the type of bulk package. This will cause additional fields to appear (including the submit button). Then proceed to the "Bulk Package Information" tab.

3. If you are unsure what information is being requested or would like clarification concerning the available responses, please refer to the "Pilot Test Supplemental Information". If the information is not there, please leave a comment so that we can provide that information in the future.

4. Because this is a pilot test, we currently have not implemented checks to ensure the information submitted is correct. Therefore, please take care that you have responded correctly. Providing your contact information in the fields below would enable us to obtain clarification should an unexpected result be received. All contact information provided will remain confidential and will be redacted from the dataset containing the results of the pilot test upon confirmation that the information corroborate.

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Pilot Test Instructions Comments:

Example Name Plate

Most of the information on this tab is found on the "name plate". Below is an example of a cargo tank name plate. Arrangement of information may differ by manufacturer.

Example Name Plate

Bulk Package Information

Truck / Trailer Mounted?

Trailer Mounted
Truck Mounted

Bulk Package Specification:


Number of Compartments in Package:

General Material Type:

Jacketed ?:

Bulk Package Information Comments:

Commodity Information

Information pertaining to the commodity transported at the time of the accident.

Commodity Information Comments:

Damage Information

Damaged Area:

Please select "Truck Mounted" or "Trailer Mounted" to view corresponding graphic

Damage Locations for Trailer Mounted Cargo Tank
Damage Locations for Truck Mounted Cargo Tank
1 - Front Head Damage Below Centerline
2 - Front Head Damage on Centerline
3 - Front Head Damage Above Centerline
4 - Front Head Destroyed
5 - Rear Head Damage Below Centerline
6 - Rear Head Damage on Centerline
7 - Rear Head Damage Above Centerline
8 - Rear Head Destroyed
9 - Bottom Front Driver-Side Damage
10 - Bottom Middle Driver-Side Damage
11 - Bottom Rear Driver-Side Damage
12 - Top Front Driver-Side Damage
13 - Top Middle Driver-Side Damage
14 - Top Rear Driver-Side Damage
15 - Bottom Front Passenger-Side Damage
16 - Bottom Middle Passenger-Side Damage
17 - Bottom Rear Passenger-Side Damage
18 - Top Front Passenger-Side Damage
19 - Top Middle Passenger-Side Damage
20 - Top Rear Passenger-Side Damage
21 - Damage to Piping and/or Undercarriage Below the Tank
Damage Locations for Portable Tank
1 - Head Damage Below Centerline
2 - Head Damage on Centerline
3 - Head Damage Above Centerline
4 - Head Destroyed
5 - Shell Destroyed
6 - Damage at Either End on Bottom Half of Tank
7 - Damage at Center on Bottom Half of Tank
8 - Damage at Either End on Top Half of Tank
9 - Damage at Center on Top Half of Tank
10 - Damage in Vicinity of Sump

Damage Information Comments:

Accident Information

Vehicle Speed Prior to Crash:

How was the vehicle speed established?


Impacting Object:

An object struck the bulk package
The bulk package struck an object

Impacted Object(s):

Passenger Vehicle
Heavy Vehicle
Concrete Barrier
Guard Rail
Lighting Pole

Impacting Object:

Passenger Vehicle
Heavy Vehicle

Rolled Over?

Accident Information Comments:

Pilot Test Supplemental Information

Bulk Package Design Supplemental Information

The following information, requested as part of this pilot study, is found on a Cargo Tank Name Plate:

Example Name Plate

The following information, requested as part of this pilot study, is found on a Portable Tank Specification Plate:

Example Specification Plate

Commodity Supplemental Information

Damage Supplemental Information

Accident Supplemental Information

Comments Concerning Pilot Test Supplemental Information: